Time for wellness at StolenTime by Rendezvous, Saint Lucia

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Time for wellness at StolenTime by Rendezvous, Saint Lucia

Working in travel does mean we get to visit some pretty amazing places.  I had been to St Lucia before, a few years ago now so was really excited to go back. My first visit to StolenTime did not disappoint. Landing in St Lucia is spectacular, it was a day of bright blue skies and the lush landscape was just breath-taking. nothing prepares you for that gush of hot air as you walk off the aircraft into that tropical climate. The transfer  took around an hour but we didn’t mind as the scenery on route was stunning. Our driver was super friendly and gave us a running commentary of where we were and what we were looking as we drove along the west coast of the island which was a lovely way to start our stay.

Upon arrival at the resort (very tired but excited) we were greeted by the butlers who took our luggage and walked us through the gardens to the hotels front desk where we were handed some well received welcome drinks. They suggested we book a full body massage for the next morning – a great tip to recover form the jetlag. The lobby area is fully open and has stunning views of the beach and ocean which was the welcome we both wanted, we were then given our room keys and taken over to our very own beachfront cottage where we would spend the rest of the week!

The room itself was perfect; there was an oversized king bed in the middle with large bath room and our own dedicated sun loungers on the beach in front of us, what more could you want?! I was more than happy to sit in the sun with a mojito and relax for the full 7 days but my partner did need to have something to do so he spent a lot of time at the water sports centre. During our stay he got his PADI certificate and went out on a couple of the complimentary dives which he really enjoyed.

The food was one of the highlights of our time at StolenTime, our favourite restaurant was Malabar Beach Club where we went for lunch or dinner every day. The ‘toes in the sand’ experience and open-air kitchen was really unique and we had the catch of the day, every day! Another highlight was the champagne bar where we went for the complimentary champagne tasting every night before dinner before 6pm and 7pm, perfect end to the day.

Our stay at StolenTime really gave us the chance to switch off from our everyday life, turn off our phones and enjoy the beautiful Saint Lucian hospitality. We made the most of inclusive yoga and treated ourselves to a couple of amazing spa treatments – the Spa in the water garden is small but beautiful and the therapists were fantastic. The staff made our stay what it was, they remembered our names and what we liked to drink from day one and were always on hand whenever we needed anything. I would highly recommend StolenTime to anyone – couples or solo travellers –  looking to escape their busy everyday life,  I’m coming back with my mum next time as I know she will love it!

Angela Read – Senior Account Manager